Techniques On Spinning Articles The Right Way

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Article spinning using an article spinning software is a smart way of producing unique content for your website and for article promotion. The definition of what constitutes a unique content may be changed every now and then depending on Google as programmers are always looking for loopholes to exploit to make search engine optimization easy. One example of a loophole is spinning an article by substituting words and phrases with synonyms or equivalent meaning to be counted by search engines as a unique content. Article marketers may be able to take advantage of submitting automated but poorly spun articles to low PR article submission directories for the sole purpose of getting as many backlinks for their websites today but who knows if this could still be possible tomorrow. In fact, there is a rumor spreading across the internet saying that Google will be pulling the plug of article spinners this coming December so from henceforward website owners won't benefit anything from submitting low quality articles coming from article spinning software as this won't help them earn good page rank anymore. Don't blame the article spinning software for this; blame the users who misuse the article spinning software for not taking time to review the spun versions for grammatical errors and readability.

Having said that, here are some tips on how to spin your articles the right way:

Review your spun version carefully and criticize it as how a devil's advocate would during a canonization process. In this way you will be a saint in Google's eyes.

Make sure that your spintax is flawless and that you haven't put on an extra bracket or missed one.

It is highly-recommended to spin an entire sentence than do it verbatim. In doing so, the spun article would be more readable compared to a spun version where the words were just replaced with synonyms.

Highlight the sentence you intend to spin and focus not on the words themselves but on the idea of the sentence and look for ways how you can revise the sentence without compromising its idea.

These are just general tips in article spinning so please don't limit yourself to these rules. Every writer has his own style of writing. In the end, article rewriting will still remain an art that can only be mastered by humans, an art where skill and talent determine the quality of the articles spun. Spinchimp is a free article spinner that can really help you in rewriting articles.
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