Can You Make Money With Rodan and Fields Network Marketing Opportunity?

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Based on the name alone, Rodan and Fields is a highly recognized brand name as creators of best selling product line Proactiv.
There is social proof in brand recognition so this is a plus for Rodan and Fields consultants.
As a skin care company, there's no doubt there's credibility built around the dermatologists' reputation as creators of the multimillion Proactiv brand.
The Products Personally, I've used Proactiv and it did work at first, however my acne breakouts eventually returned after I stopped using the products.
As for the Rodan and Fields new line of acne products, it is different than the original Proactiv, from the info available on the website.
What's also different is the price tag.
The entire acne system, Unblemish line, costs around $100.
That's a whopping cost for 3 acne products considering there are a lot of competing acne products that can be equally effective and are less expensive.
As a previous sufferer of periodic acne breakouts, I would personally spend whatever is needed to clear my skin.
So if using Rodan and Fields Unblemish products work, I'd say stick with it, if you can afford the price tag.
Rodan and Fields also offers other skin care products such as their flagship sun care Reverse system that is supposed to erase sun spots and sun damage skin.
Business Opportunity As a business opportunity with Rodan and Fields, the brand recognition will no doubt attract prospects to the opportunity.
Since it is a network marketing business opportunity, consultants can earn immediate retail profit and commission from building a team.
The retail profit starts at 25% and the downline commission starts at 10% as a Qualified Consultant.
With $100 monthly sales volume, a Qualified Consultant can start earning 10% from their team's efforts.
There are also 4 ways to get paid.
See Rodan and Fields for more detailed explanation on their compensation plan.
In general, I think the compensation seems balanced with a solid payout.
Can you make money with Rodan and Fields? As I stated at the beginning the name recognition will draw in some prospects looking for a new opportunity to get involved in.
The "ground floor" tends to draw in the newbies or prospects looking to get started at the beginning.
The reality is that regardless of which company you represent, if you don't learn how to market you, you'll struggle and go from one opportunity to another.
Top network marketers are successful because they understand the importance of branding them, not the company they represent.
People join and follow leaders, not companies.
Keeping that in mind and know that it's more important you learn to be an entrepreneur first.
That means changing your mindset to think like an entrepreneur and learn how to brand you and market you.
Talk to any top network marketers and they'll teach you to do the same.
So it's not the products or the business opportunity that attracts people to you.
As internet guru Jonathan Budd, one of the most successful entrepreneurs will tell you- "products don't sell themselves, you do!" So learn how to brand you first.
Whichever company you choose to take on, if you position yourself as a leader who adds value and help others solve their problems, you will begin to attract and build a successful business.
Whether it's with Rodan and Fields or with another business opportunity, when you learn to add more value to others, you in turn create more value for you, and your business.
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