Sports Arbitrage Trading - A Practical Minicourse - Part Five

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Capitalising on free bets Many online bookmakers offer free bets and/or cash back bonuses for new accounts, whilst others offer special promotions for specific events.
You can also use the links provided in ArbSurfer.
As well as the convenience of automatic application form filling, the links in ArbSurfer are updated dynamically and will always take you to the best current offers available, including extra bonuses available only to ArbSurfer users.
If you use the method below, you can expect to make as much as ?2000 with almost no effort.
When you receive a bonus from a bookmaker, his terms will require you to bet your deposit plus any bonus before you can withdraw the money.
The basic method is to place a bet with the bookmaker and then eliminate all of the risk by placing an opposite bet with another bookmaker.
The more care that you take over securing the best prices, the more profit you will make.
Resources such as ArbAlarm will ease the task of finding the best suitable prices but to use the most basic method, all you will need is a free odds-comparison tool.
Since you're opening accounts with several bookmakers, all of whom are giving you bonuses, simply play them against each other! Here's an example: In this example, we take advantage of VCBet's offer of a £50 free bet for new customers.
According to the rules at VCBet regarding this bonus, our bet must be placed at odds equal to or higher than 1/1 (aka evens or 2.
00) We first have to place a bet with VCBet using our own funds in order to qualify for the free bet.
We'll lay the bet off at Betfair for a very small loss.
First Bet (placed in order to qualify for the free bet) BookmakerBet TypeOutcome Stake Price VCBET Back Newcastle 50 2.
90 Betfair Lay Newcastle 50.
52 2.
92 With the bets above: - If Newcastle wins, we will receive 95 from VCBet and lose 97 at Betfair i.
e a loss of 2 - If Newcastle does not win (i.
e draw/lose), we lose 50 at VCBet and win (after commission) 48 at Betfair i.
e a loss of 2 Having lost 2, however, we now have a free 50 bet to use...
Using the free bet BookmakerBet TypeOutcome Stake Price VCBET Back Derby 50 4.
35 Betfair Lay Derby 36.
02 4.
70 With the bets above: - If Derby wins, we will receive 167.
50 from VCBet and lose 133.
28 at Betfair i.
e a profit of 34.
22 - If Derby does not win (i.
e draw/lose), we lose 50 at VCBet and win (after commission) 34.
22 at Betfair i.
e a profit of 34.
22 Taking into account the 2 lost in the first phase of this operation, the net profit from this free bet is 32.
22 32.
22 may not sound like much but you can easily repeat this same process 40 times over the course of a week to make well over 1000 completely risk-free.
With the follow-up bonuses offered by most of the bookmakers, your total profit could be as much as 5000 - just for doing the preparation work you need to anyway if you want to become a sports-arbitrage trader! Obviously, when you start using the TraderZone to trade arbs, the trades you make with bonuses and free bets will become considerably more profitable.
So why not start right now? It will only take you about 20 minutes to make your first ?30 profit...
It's so easy, and to get you started, here's an up-to-date summary of the new account bonuses & other promotions available right now from UK licensed bookmakers online .
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