Virgins - What You Need to Know

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Virgins shouldn't be shy about being virgins.
Many lose their virginity as part of a hard night in town, and consequently having your virginity means you can prepare for being introduced to sex the right way.
Virginity is a gift when shared the right way.
What is that right way? For many of us who were young when Beverly Hills 90210 was on the TV-screens around the world, we remember how David and Donna shared a very special evening after knowing another as good friends and kissers for years.
In the TV-series Donna is depicted as the daughter of a conservative christian mother who later in the series is revealed as being so harsh because she had a rough youth period herself.
Let's say this right away.
You decide over your body.
If you want to be introduced to sex - and you are in the legal age for interacting physically - choose the right person to introduce you to sex.
Probably the person you choose is a bit older than yourself, but you might also go for a friend who is a virgin also.
Sharing this experience after good communication can make this just as memorable as finding that muscular man with the right size of equipment that pops the bottle.
The key word is making the situation memorable.
We all remember our first experiences with sex.
In my own case it was rather odd to find myself nearly sober in the company with a married woman (who claimed she was separated at the time) with a couple lying on a mattress a few yards away while we went at it on the couch during the night.
Less funny when it was afterwards disclosed that the female person had to go during intercourse and nearly broke into laughter when the woman I was with said: "I can't handle any more!" How I ever got the stamina so early is a real puzzle to me, but far less funny is the thought that sex started in that way for me.
I have often, in later years, wondered how other people started their sexual lives.
Memorable could have meant a dozen other things, but I am happy sex has become even more enjoyable after experience and creativity have been coupled with a lot of other elements into the game of sex.
How you begin your sex life is entirely up to you.
Don't ever feel pressure to get started, but do read as much as you can so you are well-founded when you begin the experience.
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