Your diamond deserves a worthy care

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We have some great information to share with you through this article. We are happy to help you follow few measures by which you can care and maintain your valuable jewellery sets. Every set and style of diamond jewel you pick as your first choice is forever an endearing one. Hence, these well-crafted valuables deserve enough care to be enjoyed for generations. Some factors like air pollution, dust, perfumes, perspiration and other natural elements are cause of direct damage or dullness of your gemstones and precious jewel. Also, we can't really avoid these factors to conduct our routine but can certainly take actions to keep them safe and clean.

•    Pamper your diamond the right way


Diamond is hardest and most durable gemstone found in nature.  Diamond is a graceful and highly precious stone with its unrivaled sparkle and beauty. Naturally, it's a right choice for adornment in any wedding or engagement as with its divine charm it also spells commitment and blissful togetherness till eternity. Make sure your valuable jewellery that holds so much importance in your life should be treated very gently.

•    Clean your diamond


Although diamond is known for its highly resistant nature against scratches, one should avoid banging the jewellery on hard surface. It is definitely a moment to experience a mini heartache, if you see a stone chipping or going loose from its setting. So maintain the brilliance of your diamond by simply using a cleanser, Mixture of warm water and mild professional jewellery cleanser makes it a very effective solution.

You can always make your personal cleansing solution with 1 part of ammonia and 6 parts of water: gently hand-scrub with a soft bristle brush. Remember soft bristles to avoid the scratches on diamond. In this process of cleaning your diamond, it is not advisable to place diamond jewelry in an ultrasonic cleaner, as this may cause the stones to loosen.

•    Preserve your diamond

Consulting your personal jeweler at least twice a year is always recommendable for thorough cleaning and inspection; this will help to restore your stone's original brilliance and ensure that the prongs are still tight enough to secure the diamond.
Store your diamond in a safe cloth pouch or lined case to keep it from coming into contact with other fine jewelry and to eliminate dust and surface residue.

•    General Do's and Don'ts

?    Keep your diamond safe in its cloth filled or soft tissue filled original box

?    Keep your diamond separate from other metals and jewellery to avoid friction

?    Keep them away while you are engaged in rough tasks, swimming, gym activity etc

?    Inspect your diamond regularly

?    Prompt visits to your professional jeweler can help you to retain the brilliance and sparkle of your beautiful diamond.
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