Why It Is Useful To Change Your Cd Player With Car Mp3 Player

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It is considered that instead of CD player used earlier in cars, car MP3 Player gives better entertainment, more convenience and outstanding performance with evenhanded price. So its a shift that a CD is changed by an MP3 player.

Wired and Wireless Car MP3 player:

Consistent with the signal communication system, car MP3 player may be separated into two main classes i.e. the wireless and the wired. The professed wired Car MP3 player means those that broadcast the encoded sound signal to car stereo amplifier via dedicated line. This type features a little noise, and superior quality audio listening.

The wireless type is able to broadcast audio signal, like MP3 player, to the car amplifier in form of the wireless FM. It results in no circuit connection for car MP3 player and affixes approximately all type of cars. It has formerly occupied the major region of car sound devices based market.

The Wireless type may also be separated into two groups. The first group is mechanized for cigarette lighter that may be attached with cigarette lighter straightly, which can be obtained in the marketplace about 10 types. The second group is cell-phone size, bigger capacity and super audio output that feature audio, which may present more safe using practice to its user.

Tone quality:

The first group is mostly applied to uneven radiating circuits for saving the cost, so the higher noise cannot be evade. The second group is made of newer transmit chip that ensures the sound with super tone.
Working life:

The first group contains low working life due to voltage surge as it is charged by a cigarette lighter. Nearly all producers warn the users not to plug their car MP3 Player on car cigarette while the car is about to start. So, the second group possesses longer working life than first group to a great extent.

Sound control system:

Sound control technology is making significant development for current years. It is creditable mentioning that second group of Car MP3 player wireless technology features sound control. If you just speak out any song name, you may get the exact one from thousands of songs instantly. It is very much convenient and may avoid some unsure issues when driving.


The first group of car MP3 Player has price from tens of dollars up to hundred dollars, and the second group costs approximately $100. Typically, the first group has a cost advantage and possesses bigger price range, and the second group comprises a bigger price performance of MP3 player. It is considered that you would not just evaluate price, but broad consideration is done if you crave to choose an ideal car MP3 player.
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