3 Important Tips to Help You Make Good Videos That Your Viewers Will Enjoy Watching

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A very effective way of driving traffic to your website is by producing videos.
Video marking is another part where, many people especially beginners in internet marketing aren't at all comfortable with.
To be frank with you, it is so much easier make a 5 minutes video, than writing 5 lines in text.
This may sound strange but that is the truth.
If done the right way, videos can do so much in building trustworthiness to your website and business, while enhancing your personality at the same time.
Moreover you do this for free.
Given the immense advantages, attached to Videos, every internet marketer would be making a big mistake if he or she is not currently using videos as one of his marketing strategies.
To make a video you must have something to say or offer.
And I guarantee you that almost everybody has something to say.
You should understand that everything is news to someone.
No mater how basic is the subject you are explaining, you would be surprised with the number of viewers who would be watching that video.
You should be very confident in your self when you speak and let your viewers know that you have value to offer.
Research has proven that landing pages with good videos turn to convert far better than landing pages without videos.
Think about it for a second, don't you like watching a short video explaining how to do something, rather than reading how to do that same thing? When people see videos they stop by and take some time to watch them because they know it is easier to seat back, relax and watch rather than reading.
But to get the most out of videos, there are some tips you should follow: 1- Many people fall in the trap of making very long videos.
A 6 minute video can cover quite a lot of stuff.
The first 30 seconds of the video is crucial in deciding if the viewer will watch your whole video or not.
During these 30 seconds, you have to proof to the viewer that you have value that can be of benefit to them.
2- When recording your videos, you should be Simi-professional in your looks.
Don't be so casual, and don't be so serious.
Let the viewers know that you're having fun doing it.
This would create that confidence needed for your viewers to watch your whole video.
3- Don't make careless grammatical errors.
Look directly in the camera and Speak fluently.
You don't want your viewers to be bored while watching you.
Advance good points and advance them clearly enough so a baby could understand.
Make your points concise and interesting.
If you follow these 3 basic tips, I can assure you that your videos will bring you so much more value than you can possibly imagine.
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