Working With An Article Ghost Writer - 3 Big Mistakes Internet Marketers Make

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I'm both an article ghost writer and a buyer of ghostwriter services, and there are some things I've learned through direct experience on both ends.
Here are three mistakes I've seen clients make over and over again, and these mistakes are what keep them from getting the exact content they want.
Being Clear As Mud Your article ghost writer has no idea what you want them to do unless you tell them.
If you say, "I'd like 10 articles on debt relief," that's what they'll deliver.
But if, for example, you're promoting a site on debt consolidation, they won't know that.
If the articles don't do what you want them to do (sell a debt consolidation service), you've only got yourself to blame.
The things I always make clear from the beginning are these: Topics for the articles, keyword requirements, tone of the articles and the purpose.
For example, I might say, "I need 10 articles on debt relief.
The keywords need to be once in the title, once in the first paragraph and naturally throughout.
Please write in a conversational tone like you're talking to a friend.
These are promoting a debt consolidation service.
" Being specific like this, I always get what I want.
Wheedling The Price Down And Devaluing The Work Of course I have a vested interest in saying this (I'm a writer!), but it's true that you get what you pay for.
If you talk your article ghost writer down from $10 an article to $6, you're doing more than just saving yourself money.
You're devaluing the work they're doing, and this will have a psychological impact that will affect the quality of the content.
Even if a ghostwriter decides to buck up and deliver the best work they can at that price, there's something in the back of their mind telling them to cut corners.
On the other hand, when I've paid even just a dollar or two extra on each article, I've gotten wonderful results.
Giving a little extra creates that "wow factor" in their mind, and it translates to better work.
Not Giving Feedback We're all busy people, and when you get your content from the article ghost writer and they look good, you want to say to them, "Thanks" and call it a day.
But whether you decide to continue working with them or not, you should always leave a little bit of feedback.
If you're building a relationship with a ghostwriter, this feedback will help your future projects together fit your ideal much better.
The little feedback I got from clients when I was a newbie ghostwriter really helped me in big ways, and even now I sometimes get tips or ideas that improve my writing.
Take these three mistakes and turn them around - make things clear in the beginning, pay what the content is worth to you, and give your article ghost writer feedback - and you'll find yourself getting exactly what you want when you outsource your content needs.
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