Watch Out! It Could be a Scam

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They all come in alluring dresses.
They promise you all the wealth in the world by month end.
In return all you need to do is do few things which will not take more than few hours a day.
Lo and behold! You have found a key to become rich and wealthy with minimum of work.
Watch out! You are about to jump into Scam world.
Move back before it hits you badly.
You see an advertisement or you receive a mail that tempts you to join the bandwagon.
It promised you a great work from home money making opportunity and you are excited.
Finally, you can quit your job and make yourself rich.
Shall I Tell you an astonishing fact? 99% of them are third rate scams.
If it was that easy to pay a few dollars and make thousands in few days, wouldn't everyone be doing it by now? If an offer comes by mail, email, or a poster it is likely to be dubious.
Always assume it is a scam until you have enough proof to the contrary.
Next time you see an offer like I am going to discuss now, just avoid it.
Envelope Stuffing Scam It is most established work-from-home scam which has been going for many years now.
It goes like this.
You pay a fee and sign up to work from home.
You are sent a set of envelopes and advertisements just like the one you saw and responded to.
It promises money when somebody will respond to the advertisement you send.
An illegal pyramid scheme! Do not even think about it.
Charging for Supplies Scam You will be asked to make a small investment for whatever materials would be needed to do the work and then you will be sent very shoddy materials that are not worth anything & their ideas are worthless too.
Working for Free Scam You are asked to work at home and make clothes, ornaments or toys.
You get the materials without paying out any money and you are doing the work.
It seems genuine.
But when you send the completed work back, the company will tell you that it did not meet their quality standards.
Therefore you will not be given any payments.
Another bite from the scam! Data Entry Scam They persuade and tell you that some industry has more work than it can handle and so has to outsource.
The work might differ but their style of functioning is same.
The work could be typing legal documents, or entering medical bills into an electronic database or online data entry.
Watch Out! They are scams too.
They might ask you for upfront payment which is charged in the name of instructional material or they ask you to buy some special software which might appear from an entirely unrelated company.
Don't be fooled! The whole reason the work from home advertisement was selfish marketing for the software.
Next time you see something like this just run away from that page.
Firstly, they are hardly genuine offers.
Even if they were you will earn pittance.
If you actually want to work from home it is much better and profitable in the long run to plan and start your own business.
Whether you do that or not just do not fall prey to those scams.
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