Online College Degrees and Courses - Blogs, e-mail, and Other Things

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Online college degree education programs and courses are all about computer technology.
The computer allows a student in Ohio to communicate with a professor from a university in California or in New York, and debate ideas with fellow students from all over the United States.
If you are considering a distance learning or online college degree, but are worried about the lack of contact with your professor and other students, don't be.
You will be able to "talk" to your instructor and exchange ideas with your classmates at your convenience.
Working or raising a family will not interfere with your ability to do so.
A blog (web log) is website where you can post a question or idea and see it almost instantly, and see a reply almost as fast.
Your ideas can be published on the Web from your kitchen table in Ohio and replied from someone else sitting in their living room in New York City.
Think of the wide range of ideas and topics that can be discussed! The instructor can post assignments, articles and information on the blog.
And students can exchange information and thought about the assignment.
If you don't fully understand an assignment, maybe another student can help you out.
E-mail, which is faster than "snail-mail" allows you to send a message to your instructor if you have a question, or to turn in assignments.
Email allows your instructor to critique your work and provide input privately.
Forums or threading allows you to ask a question and another person to reply.
Then anyone viewing the forum can follow the "thread" of thought.
Computer technology is core of online college degree or distance learning education programs.
The techniques are easy to learn and can facilitate a college education for you when a campus based college program is not possible or the best opportunity for you.
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