Microblogging quietly take us into the media "micro time"

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Recently, the "Phoenix Magazine" reporter Department of the Ren Dengfei in the "Weekly Times" published a paper

entitled "summary of microblogging journalists to promote a public event Yihuang demolition of the whole self-

immolation," the article to

Yihuang live microblogging the identity of the first event in detail about the key events in the Yihuang days in the

role of micro-Bo --- Bo as the involvement of micro-and traditional broadcast media

To follow up, self-immolation incident Yihuang become a much-anticipated public event. This is

Following the sudden death of Michael Jackson, the U.S. Congress income is exposed and Iran protests after the

election, microblogging first time in the history of the Chinese press to show their talents. Wenchuan previous two


Earthquake, cutting edge micro-Bo had a small test, but compared to the overwhelming influx of traditional media,

its role has become insignificant. The micro-Bo and the first deep contact information, should be in

Yihuang its climax on September 16 thrilling Nanchang Changbei Airport That conflicts have toilets.

Few hours because it could not trapped on the plane at the airport toilet by self-immolation were the families of

mobile phones and micro-blog, real-time broadcast the scene live and panic helplessness. The thousands of

Friends of thousands of Bo, in turn forward these feelings, and add their own anxiety and anger. It was a party and

by the news readers performed at a chorus, each person

Events have become parties to them through a link called micro-blog link as a whole. This tradition of the media,

has been the essential difference. In the traditional news, the new

Hear the parties, the media and audience, is completely isolated from each other with a few of the main, they are

difficult to form between the perception and even empathy with the temperature with a sense of the same body. But in

the Internet age,

Was greatly enhanced interactive features of the Internet will become everyone a potential reporter, just as the

ancient proverb puts it a name: When is everyone's sense of self call

Wake up, feel that they become part of a dragon, any one of the weak, the energy will be loud.

As a witness and to participate in this event in the web worker, at that moment, I deeply felt the rally was a huge

piece of dragon energy. Few hours, people watching closely from the Changbei Airport information for each micro-Bo,

the little information, such as one by one, like Eye of the Storm, will soon be sucked together with friends from

the huge energy, the formation of a severe shock. Each information being transmitted, amplified, and cause

reactions. And this response, again through the fermentation of traditional media and amplification, such as "Kung

Fu" Roar Riga clock work in general, out of control. And eventually the formation of public attention and had to

promptly resolve the focus of a media event.

It was concluded, the moment the society has entered the micro era. The so-called micro-time, based on micro-

information, micro-communities, micro-media, represented by the information processing approach. Handheld computers,

mobile phones and other small high-tech convenience of social life involved a lot of small details, so that ways and

means of information dissemination, a revolutionary change. If the network is a revolution of traditional media,

then the micro-era variety of products, that is, a revolution in the network. The revolution of information access

and easy to spread easily and become an important feature. Hunan TV presenter famous Xie Na, bursts of five micro-Bo

in recent days, seeking justice for his father. Feng proud to say: I have to it, and also have their own media. Both

are based on a spread state.
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