Web Design Tips - Web 2.0 Skyrocket Your Google Rankings With Social Proof

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Web 1.
0 is gone.
Web Pages where the content is created by the company that owns the web site is very quickly becoming a thing of the past.
MySpace, FaceBook, YouTube, Digg just to name a few sites.
The future of the internet is that the users of the web pages will create the content that is seen on the pages.
Why else would Google pay an absolutely large fortune for YouTube, a site that does not directly make any money? Because the future of the internet is here, the users will create the content that they want to see on the internet through sites such as these.
So, the train is going.
The question is, are you on it? Or will you get crushed underneath it.
So, how does a reputable business use the power of these user created content sites? In this day and age word spreads very quickly on the internet.
Give poor service, or have a poorly performing product and everyone will hear about it very quickly.
Just a couple of unfavourable product reviews on the internet and your product is as good as dead in the water.
Alternately, if you have a product that you want people to hear about what better way to get some favourable product information on the web.
Even better if you can get third party product information.
Video, Blog, Podcast, Internet TV.
All great internet mediums to get your product out there to the masses.
Great ways to create traffic to your site.
And a great way to send your Google PageRank through the roof.
If you want organic search engine traffic to your site then you just cannot afford to ignore this any longer.
YouTube quite literally had billions of video views last month.
I think the figure was somewhere about 4.
3 billion.
Even if you had just a very small percentage of this traffic you could still get thousands or even tens of thousands of view for your video, just through YouTube alone.
Blogging is just huge and getting bigger.
Have a look at the hottest entries on Digg to see what people are 'Digging'.
How cool would it be for you if they were "digging' your product? And, for those skeptics, these are not professional videos.
There is no huge start-up costs associated with these videos.
Many of them are created on small handy cams or digital cameras with the ability to shoot video.
So, how are you marketing your website? Are you floundering on Google on Page 653 where nobody can find you? Or maybe you are paying a large amount in PPC advertising so that people can find you.
If you are ignoring the power of Web 2.
0 as a way of driving free, organic traffic to your site, then you are destined to remain in the backblocks of the internet.
People are achieving phenomenal results in Google in just a few hours or days using this strategy.
Harness the power of Web 2.
0 and let the world see what you have got to say for yourself!
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