How to Use WordPress As CMS?

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WordPress can be used as a platform for blogging and can also be used as a Content Management System totally depending on the requirements of the clients and functionalities needed to fulfill those requirements.
Using WordPress as a CMS simply means you are going to design a theme which means basically you are going to use pages for your static content same as it is done on blog.
The major difference here is, the pages here are the core content on your website and not the posts.
The WordPress administrative area is the area which turns it in to a Content Management System.
The admin area of WordPress provides a WYSIWYG editor which is similar to mini-version of Microsoft Word.
This editor allows you or anyone to virtually add and edit the content themselves.
This is possible by their web browser even if there is no knowledge of HTML.
The steps to use WordPress as a CMS to create a website are:- 1.
First create a page named as homepage and give it page order 0.
Add /* Template Name: Weblog */ between the PHP tags on the top of index.
php 3.
Create an empty page named Weblog and give it page order 99.
Assign weblog template to this page.
Select homepage as front page and Weblog as post page from the admin section.
Pages are used for the content of the CMS but the only thing about which proper care should be taken is that the page order should be between 0 and 99.
By this always the first page to be appeared on menu will be homepage and Weblog will be the last page.
There are many benefits of using WordPress as a CMS.
WordPress is very cheap and so helps you save money if you use it for your website.
It is very easy to use at the same time so it can be used by anyone even if he/she doesn't have sound knowledge of programming.
WordPress even makes easy to optimize your search engine results that is it will increase the chances to get your website on the first page of search results.
It can be accessed by multiple users so if there are any problems than it can be fixed by anyone as it can be accessed from anywhere.
This saves your time and money as you don't have to wait and pay programmer for small errors.
So using WordPress as a CMS is not difficult as it has been framed.
Moreover, it is easier to write, edit, organize and publish articles and manage web content in WordPress because of which it has become more popular and effective.
WordPress is the best choice for a flexible, low-cost and dynamic Content Management System for any website.
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