Increase Your Profits With Email Marketing

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Small business owners spend hours of time and money trying to attract new business.
A steady flow of new business is necessary for business survival.
But in your rush to attract new people, don't forget current or previous customers and clients.
They're as good as gold..
and if you've given them a good experience in the past, they are much more likely to purchase from you again.
Consumers have a lot of options.
There are literally thousands of small businesses competing for their attention.
That's why it's in your best interest to build a relationship with them so they'll be encouraged to return.
For example, I once hired a lawn care company to spray my yard for insects.
It was a quarterly job...
meaning I needed it done again in 3 months.
However, I lost my receipt and couldn't remember the name of the company when the time came.
I ended up hiring a different company - even though I was happy with the previous one (whatever their name was).
Had this company utilized a simple email marketing program, they would have earned my business over and over, because I would have remembered their name.
Most marketers believe an existing customer or client is worth more than a new prospect.
Why is that? It's because someone who has already spent money with you is likely to do it again, especially if they were happy with the previous transaction.
A qualified audience is much better than prospects that may or may not be willing to buy what you're selling.
So, what's the catch? The catch is you're not the only fish in the sea.
Your qualified audience can very well go elsewhere if you let them slip away.
Email marketing is the hook you need to catch the fish.
How do you know if e-mail marketing is right for you? Well, ask yourself these two questions: 1.
When a person needs or wants your product or service, will they think of your business first? Is there anything you can do to stay on their minds? 2.
If they've purchased from you before, and you have more products or services they can use, can you let them know? If you answered no to the either of those questions, you might want to add email marketing to your marketing arsenal.
The power of email marketing has been proven time and time again.
Instead of focusing only on attracting new business, pay attention to the business you already have.
The payoff could be huge.
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