Turbo Controller Instructions for COD4 on the Xbox

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    • 1). Turn on your Xbox 360 and connect your rapid-fire control pad by holding the silver "Xbox" button in the center of the controller.

    • 2). Insert the game disc for "Call of Duty 4" and wait for the game to load. Select the game mode you wish to play.

    • 3). Switch to a semiautomatic weapon, such as the M9 pistol, M21 sniper rifle or M16A4 assault rifle.

    • 4). Press the "Auto-Fire" button on the right side of your turbo controller to turn on rapid-fire mode for the "Right Trigger" button.

    • 5). Hold the "Right Trigger" button to fire your weapon at a far faster rate than achievable with your normal reflexes. Release the button to stop firing.

    • 6). Turn off rapid-fire with three consecutive three-second presses of the "Auto-Fire" button.

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