Don"t Forget The Baby Shower Game Gift!

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When you're hosting a baby shower, you've got a lot of details to coordinate.
Like any special occasion, you want everything to be just right.
So you carefully put together a budget and To Do list and you get busy.
While preparing each, don't forget to budget time and money for a baby shower game gift.
Baby shower games are a big part of the baby shower tradition.
Besides the food and the gifts, guests expect to play games.
Games like guessing the expectant mother's waist size, guessing how many cotton balls are inside a baby's bottle and pin the baby on the mommy are just some of the games that have been adapted for baby showers.
Since every good game deserves a winner, it makes sense that every winner deserves a baby shower game gift.
It's not necessary to spend a lot of money on a baby shower game gift.
Games are purely for entertainment and knowing there's some sort of reward helps even the quietest guest spring to life.
And who knows? You might even see some competitiveness emerge among those quite ones! You should be prepared with one baby shower game gift for the winner of every game you intend to play.
If you're feeling generous, you can have gifts for the second and third place winners, too.
But that's definitely optional.
If your budget doesn't allow it, don't worry.
What's important is that your guests have fun and get a chance to mingle.
What makes a suitable baby shower game gift? Anything really even things you pick up at the dollar store.
A journal, scented candle, stationary, chocolate bar, gift certificate for a movie rental - there are so many good choices.
No matter what you select, it'll look that much better if it's wrapped or placed inside a gift bag.
After all, the guest of honor shouldn't be the only one lucky enough to open a gift!
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