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Twitter is the most popular social networking site after Facebook.
But do you know that you can increase your search engine presence with Twitter? Yes, search engines are indexing tweets.
Search engines have been evolving their indexing capabilities to provide new types of digital content in the search engine results.
Previously it was multimedia files, flash content and now tweets.
Google has announced officially that it has reached an agreement with Twitter to show tweets in their search results.
You might have observed twitter profile pages coming up in the search results.
But now individual tweets can show up in the listings.
So, it is time for SEO marketers to adapt new strategies to optimize the twitter profiles and content.
Well, doing SEO for twitter content is same as any other content.
The same approaches and strategies that work for "regular" SEO can be adapted to the Twitter too.
Firstly it is important to gain relevancy and authority while optimizing any kind of content.
The same applies for Twitter content.
So how do you gain authority and relevance? a.
Choose a relevant username.
Create a keyword-rich bio.
Use prioritized sequence of keywords in the tweets.
Earning links makes a lot in Search Engine Optimization.
How to Get Links: a.
Submit your articles to article syndications sites with an anchor text of your keyword.
This way, you can create powerful inbound links to your twitter profile.
Try to attract more and more followers.
Each and every follower is a link.
Provide great content for your followers and have your tweets retweeted by others.
Conclusion: Optimizing your twitter profile and posts will definitely help your position in search engine results.
I am sure we can hear some case studies on Twitter SEO in the coming months which can provide further insight into the strategies that can be undertaken.
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