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Food and hygiene course: Would you like to learn more about courses in Food Safety? This course is aimed at anyone working in the Food and Drink Industry. Formally known as Foundation or Basic Food Hygiene, this course maps to industry standards in Food Safety and Hygiene. Successful completion of the training material and test ensures that you meet your legal training requirements. At Bright Learning Academy, we offer this course to suit your needs. We have highly qualified and trained teachers, who will help and guide you all the way through. This training is a vital to prevent outbreaks of life threatening food borne illnesses and contributes to business success.
We provide Food and hygiene training courses for businesses and individuals that are easy to use, simple to manage and cost effective. Specialising in areas of compliance, we offer food hygiene courses and health and safety training to allow you or your organisation to meet your training requirements quickly, efficiently and conveniently. Bright Learning Academy is a reliable, reputable provider of genuinely recognised Food Hygiene & Health & Safety Training centre. We will provide certificates and qualifications that will give you the skills to do your job properly. All our courses meet all legal requirements in the UK & EU. Keeping up-to-date on Food Safety is not only the law, but essential to your businesses success as well as the health of your clients.
All of our trainers are experienced food safety training professionals and with up to date knowledge in food and hygiene as well as Health & Safety related legislation. Legislation dictates that food safety training is more essential than ever and we work with you in the understanding and implementation of this.
ESOL with Citizenship - Pay Once and We Train Until You Pass
Rules have changed since November 2005 and people applying for naturalization are required to prove that they have sufficient knowledge of the English language, and of life in the UK, by passing either the "Life in the UK test" or obtaining an "ESOL with citizenship" certificate.In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, you can study ESOL at three entry levels: 1. ESOL Entry 1 (lowest)2. ESOL Entry 23. ESOL Entry 3 (highest)
If youare assessed and your English skills are above ESOL Entry 3 level, you will be required to take Life in the UK test. If your assessment shows that your English language skills are below ESOL Entry 3 Level, you could appear for this ESOL with Citizenship course and submit this certificate to the home office.For the purpose of Citizenship or Indefinite leave to remain, a pass in the Speaking and Listening mode will meet the requirements. This is a flexible short course for about 20 hours and runs throughout the year. You need to attend for three days. New students join every week. Please contact us to make an appointment to join the programme.
Required documents: Proof of ID: such as passport or driving license and Address proof: utility bill or bank statement.
There are no entry requirements. If you do not know the level of your English skills, you should visit us for a Free Initial Assessment. No hidden fees. All stationery pens, papers or handouts will be provided by the centre. The structure of the Certificate in ESOL Skills for Life has been designed to reflect this and to enable learners to progress at their own pace.
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