Different Erotic Lingerie Styles

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Not all erotic lingerie was created equal; some styles are sexier than others.
Some lingerie garments are more "nasty" in design, such as the open bust and open crotch bodystocking.
Some styles are made to cater to those who prefer a more subtle garment, such as babydolls and robes, while other styles cater to those who are not daunted by their own drives or imagination.
Night dresses are short and usually see through lingerie styles that are made to be comfortable to sleep in.
They come in all colors and are typically made of silk, cotton, or mesh materials.
They are also known as "nighties".
Bodices and bustiers are similar to corsets.
Bodices focus more in making the waist shapelier while a bustier is more focused in making the busts more prominent.
Bodices are usually sleeveless and are very similar to the traditional folk dress of some countries.
A Bustier is reminiscent of what "bunny girls" in popular media wear.
Corsets on the other hand are worn to shape the torso into an hour glass shape.
Corsets came into widespread use in the 18th century following the trend where the hour glass torso shape was regarded as a measure of physical beauty.
Corsets in our time are used to make people's torsos' smaller.
They're considered sensual due to their attribution with domination or the BDSM community.
Playsuits and costumes are also very interesting erotic wear.
They come in form of bunny costumes, cat suits or even super hero outfits.
How these things come in a sensual concept is intricately laced with the different fantasy of people.
Some of these play suits and costumes only involve undergarments (think wonder woman) or very sensual bodysuits (think cat woman).
Thongs and g-strings are indeed very erotic.
They display the sensuous curves of the female buttocks.
Aside from just conveniently leaving interesting parts uncovered the general design of this underwear is to draw attention to areas which are visually enticing.
Different forms and designs of bras are also to be considered.
Bras are the most varied and the most versatile of all lingerie.
Different kinds of straps and cup designs offer a wide variety for everyone's taste.
They can either be full cup or half, under wired, padded, or strapless.
Different fabrics and strap types are for different women: thicker straps and a sturdier fabric for fuller breasted women whereas smaller chests are granted virtual freedom of choice.
Erotic lingerie should be chosen based on preference and demands, but comfort should be the top priority.
Don't buy something that is a cup size too small or too big just because it looks good.
Too loose or too tight bras and other types of erotic lingerie may cause different health problems, the least of them being back pains and headaches.
Ask to be properly fitted at the lingerie shop, or use the sizing charts online to ensure lasting comfort and the proper choice of erotic lingerie.
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