Keyword Research - The Pillar of Internet Marketing

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Everyone wants to take part in the cash machine known as the internet.
Everyone wants a website.
But what most people don't know is that a website is useless unless it receives massive amounts of what is known as targeted traffic.
That's when keyword research kicks in.
What people really need is a place where potential customers can come in looking exactly for what you have to offer, be it a product or service.
Using keyword research, you can determine the demand of any given niche or market.
Google for instance provides you with a database which tells you exactly how many people are looking up a term in their search engine, and the exact term people are looking for.
For example: Around 2,740,000 individuals search for the term "real estate" every month on Google.
Meaning that if your website is in position 1 of Google for that precise term, about 50% of them will visit your website, looking for real estate offers.
This applies to any niche.
Every single niche or market has literally thousands of keyword terms that people are searching for every day.
Finding out what those keywords are is what is made possible by keyword research itself.
After doing the keyword research and figuring out the phrases or keywords people are looking for every day, that's when Pay Per Click and SEO kick in, but that's another story.
Those methods of traffic generation allow you to position your website in the first pages of the search engines, so that when people look for the term, your site is what they will come across.
Once you have them, those keywords can be implemented on article marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click, press releases, audio and even video.
You must optimize your sites and advertisement in order to pull that off.
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