Cool Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

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Now that you have tied the knot it's time to enjoy each other on an unforgettable honeymoon.
Historically the honeymoon was a time for newly wedded couples to get to know each other.
Today they are a vacation to start your new life with the one you love.
So where are the best romantic honeymoon destination? and what type of honeymoon is right for you? Here are some great choices for those who are planning a romantic honeymoon vacation.
Just the two of you How about spending your honeymoon at the beach.
Hawaii is has been America's #1 romantic honeymoon destination for decades and for good reason With beautiful beaches and lots of water sports these islands cater to newlyweds and has many vacation packages that can accommodate any budget.
Other great beach vacations include the Figi Islands which are fast becoming the alternative to Hawaii as well as a trip to Costa Rica as a romantic getaway that does not get the respect that it deserves when compared to other romantic travel destinations Another top destination for newlyweds is Europe to get a taste of different cultures with the top spot being countries like France,Italy, and Greece.
What could be more romantic than enjoying each other under the Eiffel Tower, enjoy a romantic ride down the Gondolas' of Venice, or discovering the ancient cities of Greece with your new spouse.
But instead of just choosing one of these romantic destinations, you can visit all three on the same trip.
Or maybe you are the adventure lover type.
An African safari is perfect for adding excitement.
There's nothing more romantic than enjoying the plans of the Serengeti during sunset and searching out sights of the exotic wildlife like the Elephants, Giraffe, Lions, and wild Buffalo.
there are several countries that have fabulous wildlife preserves like Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, and South Africa.
Safaris come in a variety of styles and price ranges from basic camping to 5 star hotel accommodations, but they all come with the chance to view Africa's wildlife in it's natural habitat.
Wherever you decide to spend your honeymoon remember that it is a special time to make long lasting memories with the one you love for the rest of your life.
Whatever romantic honeymoon destination that you decide to choose remember that this is a special time to create lasting memories between you and the person you've formed a bond with.
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