Types of Colorimeters

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    • A densitometer is a type of colorimeter that helps control color by measuring the darkness and lightness of a printed material during the printing process. A densitometer evaluates color by placing a test strip or print control strip along the edge of a proof. A reflection densitometer measures the quantity of light that reflects from a surface. A transmission densitometer provides measurements of the total light that go through a see-through material, while a combination densitometer has the ability to calculate the transmission and reflection densities.

    Color Temperature Meter

    • Photographers and cinematographers opt for a color temperature meter, a type of colorimeter, to balance the color in photos and cinematograph's flash and continuous light. It helps provide color accuracy and reproduction of photos especially when retouching photographs. Most devices capture the color temperature with a push of a button.

    Tristimulus Colorimeter

    • A tristimulus colorimeter measures color from primary light resources such as light signals, lamps, filters, displays and monitors. This particular device evaluates and classifies the tristimulus color for development, research, manufacturing control and quality.


    • A spectroradiometer is a type of colorimeter that measures the intensity and irradiance of color. Manufacturers may opt for a spectroradiometer to review and classify lighting for sales, or customers may use this instrument to verify their lamp selection is within their requirements before making a final purchase. Additionally, a spectroradiometer helps assist in calibrating a display and laptop screens.

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