Plans to Make a Power Kite

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    Shape of Power Kite

    • Build your power kite in an aerofoil shape, like the wing of a plane, from high performance fabric in two layers that let air flow through the fabric. When the kite lifts off, the fabric inflates, making the kite more aerodynamic. This high performance fabric can be purchased online or from large fabric wholesalers that supply fabric for sports clothing companies, like Gore-Tex. A power kite is quite large, at least 12 feet in length and width. Buy twice as much fabric as you would need to cover the frame, so you can sew the two sides together to allow airflow between the two sections when the kite is airborne.

    Bridle Lines

    • Attach bridle lines length- and width-wise to give shape to your power kite and support the sections that fill with air and provide lift and maneuverability. Using two elastic bands to add tension to the bridle lines, sew them into the two shorter outer sides of the power kite, so that the bridle lines can be run under them and allow the kite to flex properly in the wind. Little loops of ribbon can also be sewn onto the edges of the fabric, so these lines can run through them and not stretch in ways that could lead to the fabric tearing.

    Kite Lines

    • Outside of the bridles, attach lines made of the same rope mountain climbers use--or other thin but strong lines that can support large amounts of weight and tension. There are two ways to fly a power kite: with four lines or with two lines. Four lines allows a lot more maneuverability and is best for experienced kite fliers or people who are wind surfing. Two lines are for those who are learning the ropes of power kite flying and how to control the power kite within the wind window. These lines can be attached on the outside edges of the power kite, which is usually best for four lines, or across the middle of the power kite, which is better for two lines.

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