Different Types of Videos You Can Create

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As a Virtual Assistant, there are different kinds of videos that you can create for your client.
  • Welcome video - Does your client have a web site or a blog? Jazz up the site by embedding a welcome video on the home page of the web site or blog.
    It does not have to be fancy or too long.
    It just needs to tell visitors who your client is, what he does, and what value they can gain by visiting the web site and/or reading his blog.
    You're client can record this video using his web camera and you can edit it for him.
  • How-to video - Instructional videos are very popular.
    If you're client is baker, makeup artist, or professor, then ask them to do simple instructional videos that can be recorded using their web cam.
    If your client is not comfortable in front of the camera, he can just use Screencast, which would record whatever it is that he is doing in the computer.
    A video slideshow is also a good alternative.
  • Expert video - Is your client an expert on something? He can talk about his areas of expertise in videos and establish his credibility.
    Don't make the video too long, though.
    You don't want him giving away everything he knows in one video.
    Instead, plan your online video campaign in such a way that your client discusses one thing only in a 60-second video.
    You can extend it to two minutes but I strongly advise against something longer than that.
    The idea is to give a free sample not the whole product.
  • Sales page videos - Is your client selling info products? Then his sales page will benefit from a video of him talking about the product and how it can impact the lives or businesses of those who will buy it.
    Again, refrain from making the video too long.
  • Testimonialvideos - This is pretty self-explanatory.
    If you have clients that offer coaching services, testimonial videoslike those you seen on home TV shopping can do wonders for their business.
    Just make sure that the videos look natural and don't appear scripted at all.
    Consumers are wise now and they would dismiss a testimonial if it sounds scripted.
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