4 Ways To Make a Powerful And Lasting First Impression

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I am sure that most of us probably know by now how important first impressions are.
We often hear the usual phrases "One never ever gets a second chance to make a first impression", "First impressions are usually long-lasting impressions" and so on.
Although you probably can't tell everything about a person by the first impressions, a lot of people still give a lot of weight to a first impression that the other party may sometimes end up having to spend most of the time in the relationship just to make up for it.
So how do you actually make a powerful and long-lasting first impression? Here are 4 tips you can use to help you get started today: 1.
Having a lot of confidence No one can deny today that confidence is probably the sexiest, most impressive and most attractive trait any man or woman can portray.
But how can we actually communicate that we have a high level of confidence to somebody else? If you have a high sense of personal value, usually this confidence just comes naturally.
If you have low self-confidence, you can still 'fake it till you make it', by observing the way confident people move or talk, in terms of eye contact, posture, handshakes and so on and then adapting it into your life.
Use a little mystery This is probably one of the golden rules when it comes to first impressions: be a man of few words and give the person some things to ponder over and guess about.
If you reveal everything about yourself the first time, chances are you leave no curiosity at all in the person's mind, and curiosity is one of the first principles when it comes to generating interest.
Respecting other people Although you may not want someone else to determine your personal value based on first expressions, respecting other people is still the key when it comes to interacting with other people successfully.
Respecting other people can sometimes be really as simple as using their names during the conversation, really listening to them while waiting for your turn to talk, and so on.
If you are able to show decent respect even when the person has a bad impression of you, chances are you will still be able to turn it around eventually.
Having a high social value This again is another one of the most important rules of making a powerful first impression, but the good thing about this is it usually comes naturally when you radiate confidence, respect and mystery.
So just practice on the first 3 tips, and this will come naturally eventually.
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