Increasing the Effectiveness of Your Squeeze Page

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Having an effective squeeze page is your 'insurance' for long term success in business online.
When you build a list of people who have already shown an interest in what you promote you have the ability to greatly reduce your marketing costs and efforts.
Squeeze pages are the most effective and efficient way to compile an email list of potential customers when working online.
In order to get the most out of your efforts as you build a list here are 5 key components you will want your squeeze pages to have Use Bold and/or Highlighted Text Take the opportunity to use bold or highlighted text to call attention to any major points you want readers to notice.
This also makes it easier for visitors to quickly review the page and have these points reinforced.
Be careful not to use highlighting or bold text too often since the text you want to stand out will not be as prominent.
Easy to Read Format Use a format on this page that is easy to follow and avoids large blocks of text.
Recommended formats that work quite effectively are the use of bullet points or even numbering the points you want to make to readers.
You want a format that is both easy to read and equally as easy to review! VERY Plain Design Avoid using too many graphics or flamboyant fonts since you do NOT want to distract visitors from the main message of the page.
Keep things as plain as possible so readers can better focus on what it is you want them to do.
Black or dark colored text with a white background is recommended for use on your squeeze pages.
Speak Plainly Communicate your message simply and clearly so there is little or no confusion as to what it is you are telling visitors.
You have one message to deliver here so focus ONLY on that on nothing else.
Deliver your message in a plain, direct and clear manner! Use a Call to Action There is a certain action you want your readers to take and that is to leave their contact information in the 'prominently' displayed box on this page.
Remind visitors repeatedly throughout the content of the page that leaving their name is what they 'need' to do.
Remind them of the benefits that await them and how they will only experience these benefits by leaving their contact information.
Your squeeze page is the single biggest tool you have for building long term success in business when working online.
When you compile an email list of people already interested in what you promote you can greatly reduce your marketing efforts and costs.
Of course for this strategy to work you want your squeeze pages to be effective at enticing people to opt in.
The 5 key components discussed here pretty well sum up how to best format and present the content of your page to visitors.
By following these suggestions you will be able to simplify the creation and increase the effectiveness of your squeeze pages.
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