How to Apply for High School Grants

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    • 1). Decide what you would like to use the grant for -- it might be general studies in a public high school, a private or church run high school, or an independent high school. It might be to start a high school, or to help one improve. It might be funds to use for sports or another type of activity. It is crucial for you to identify how you'd like to use the funds before you apply for one.

    • 2). Search for grants to apply for. Contact the school board in your city to see if they know of any grants. Look at to see if there are any government grants that you can apply for. Look in local papers and online to get an idea of various types of grants that fit your needs. You might search for "home high school grants in South Carolina" or "sports grants for high school in Iowa."

    • 3). Choose two or three grants that you believe you are eligible for.

    • 4). Download the grant application from the grant website, or request that a paper copy be sent to you.

    • 5). Fill out the application. This is a process that could be as simple as filling out a loan application, or as complicated as writing fifty pages about your program and what you are going to do with the money. Follow the application instructions exactly and complete the grant as fully as possible.

    • 6). Send the grant application in by the due date and wait for the results.

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