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Is Article Marketing worth it? Article marketing is an early form of SEM done by many companies to collect links back to their website. It is in fact a trusted method to reach target audience because an article that is well written article can get you more traffic and links. The best thing is that other websites pick up your article and post it on their website, further promoting the links and the thus get new traffic.

Unfortunately, people in the SEO industry, started trying out this strategy in unethical ways. This include slamming the article websites with several other little modified format of same article, and filling the article with senseless content with lots of keywords. But the search engines caught them and did not validate the process, and began to penalized for it. In this context, one has to ask, is article marketing still worth it?

The right answer is, if it is rightly done, YES its worth it.

Even doing it in the right manner, it may not carry the weight that it did once, but still it can be an effective way by inform more and more people about your site. They might come directly through your articles or through your high ranking position. But finally you will see good results.

The important parts of search engine ranking are links. These are like a vote for your website. But all votes are not equal. A vote from a big and popular website is a bit more than a vote from an ordinary website. But at the same time it doesn't mean that nothing can be earned from small websites. Generally, an article of about 500 to 1000 words is just right. This gives you enough space to convey a message in detail, but simplify it so that you don't lose them before they get an opportunity to click on your link.

By following these measures you can achieve on line success. Hence article marketing can be a solid weapon for a SEO campaign. If you wish to get exposure on line a single link or two will not help you much in a competitive world that is always having more and more links. You have to continuously increase your links for healthy survival.

A steady stream of fresh one way links to the website can help a lot. And this is possible to achieve if you can regularly create authentic articles. This links may not be as valuable as the links from big websites, but however are a solid foundation. This mean that article marketing is a resource which is valid.
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