How to Prepare for an AP Chemistry Multiple Choice Paper

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    • 1). Speak with your AP chemistry teacher. Let your teacher know you are interested in taking the AP exam and ask if he has any preparation tips. Instructors who have been teaching the course for a number of years may have solid preparation tips as well as questions from past AP exams. Review all material he gives you and follow up by scheduling a time to meet with the teacher to get all your questions answered. If your teacher plans to integrate test preparation into the classroom curriculum, be sure to attend class, take plenty of notes and obtain clarification on all muddy points.

    • 2). Review your chemistry textbook. Your AP chemistry text is a tool that can be used to prepare for the exam. Review each chapter, read through chapter summaries and review all chapter questions and problems. Go over all tests from the course and re-do each problem you missed. Follow up by re-reading the chapter from which the question was drawn. Do not attempt to cram and study the night before the exam, but instead begin your review of the text at least two weeks prior to the test date.

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      Calculators are not permitted on the multiple choice section of the exam.Hemera Technologies/ Images

      Become familiar with multiple-choice test taking. There are some proven strategies that you can employ to help you increase your score on the exam. These include reading the entire question before trying to decide on the answer and eliminating answers you know are not right. It is also recommended that you attempt to come up with an answer in your head before looking at the possible answers. Keep in mind there is no penalty for guessing. If you are not sure of an answer, take an educated guess and select an answer rather than leaving the question blank. If you encounter a question that has an "all of the above" as a choice and there are two possible answers, select "all of the above".

    • 4). Organize a study group. Chances are you have classmates who also plan to take the exam. Take a survey of students who will be taking the exam and organize a study group. Study groups are an effective way to prepare for the test and sometime provide healthy competition amongst peers. When organizing the study sessions, work to keep the group focused to ensure unrelated conversations stay at a minimum. It is also a good idea to make a list of topics that should be covered in the group so all important points are covered. If you know a chemistry tutor, invite her to a study session so she can provide thorough answers to the group's questions.

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