Can Ping G25 Driver and G25 Hybrid Meet Your Need?

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The G25 has the now popular PING matte black finish that they recently started doing with some driver offerings and I happen to love it. The G25 came in for review and I am quite happy to see that PING went in a slightly different direction with the shape.

I like this a lot and I suspect many golfers will tend to agree with me. I used the G25 from the tee, from the fairway, from the rough and even from a bunker once. The look and shape of the G25 immediately provided me that confidence I need at address. It just feels right setting up behind the golf ball and you know a good shot is coming.

The new Ping G25 driver has something to help every from from PGA Tour players to everyday amateurs. The 460cc titanium clubhead, says Ping, has the same diameter and mass as Ping's traditional fixed hosels, so the G25 provides benefits of adjustability without sacrificing the performance that can be lost with a larger, bulkier hosel. In fact, Ping calls the G25 its longest and most forgiving driver to date.

For starters, it's Ping's second adjustable model - golfers can add or subtract one-half degree of loft from the standard 8.5-, 9.5-, 10.5- and 12-degree settings to optimize your launch conditions. The adjustability resides in the hosels, and the changes are made using a lightweight titanium screw and aluminum hosel sleeve.

The face on the G25 is even larger than that on the G20 model that preceded it, and variable thickness across the face helps the ball jump at impact. The clubhead's thinner crown and a deeper profile allow Ping engineers to relocate the saved weight lower and farther back in the head to optimize its Center of Gravity position and enhance ball flight. Specifically, this head configuration helps produce a higher trajectory and more forgiveness on shots hit slightly off-center.

The more I saw good shots, I started swinging more confidently and aggressive and what I found was the ease of hitting good shots remained intact. I liked that regardless of the shot I attempted to hit the cheap Ping G25 Hybrid [] was more than up to the task. I didn't push the limits of the distance. I knew that 225 yards was my range and putting a good smooth swing would put me right there.

The G25 performs these shots quite well with some predictable results and no ballooning shots at all. Another area that I used the G25 a lot of were for low trajectory punch shots into the wind, which seemed to be blowing pretty hard each time I've played so far this year. I think this is a great pairing for this club. It delivers on that mid launch promise if not even bordering on more of a mid-high trajectory shot.

I know a lot people liked the cheap ping g20 driver and I20 lines, but I personally was thrilled to see PING go in more of a softer-edged, shallower-faced mini fairway wood looking hybrid with the G25. I love the ball flight I get from the G25. I was able to get the ball high, which resulted in a nice soft landing on shots into the green.

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