System Requirements For XP Registry Cleaner

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Registry cleaner is a program which scans your computer's registry, identifies corrupt and obsolete entries - and clears them up, leaving you with an optimally functioning computer.
This sort of registry clean up is an essential computer maintenance exercise which every computer manufacturer encourages on the part of the computer users.
The nature and role of the computer's registry - being the database in which information about the computers configuration, all the software and hardware components of the computer and basically everything about the computer is stored - is such that corrupt and obsolete entries are bound to find them their into the registry.
And contrary to what most people think, corrupt entries on the registry are not always caused by malicious programs.
Registry corruption, as it turns out, can also be caused by benevolent software, mainly because of the way the software interacts with the hardware.
In the same manner, even the most careful computer user is still bound to get some obsolete entries occurring in the machine, and this is something you can do nothing about, short of cleaning the registry with aid of tools like XP cleaner.
A number of people who attempt to download such software, however, encounter errors in the process, and in some cases the errors are so persistent that the people in question just give up on installing registry cleaner and go looking for another program, or simply give up on the whole registry cleaning exercise and wait for whatever will happen.
Before getting to not meeting the system requirements for registry software (which is the main reason many people find themselves unable to install the tool), it is worth mentioning that before one can install any piece of software on any machine, they need to have adequate rights to do so.
In most settings, it is only the computer's administrator who can install software on the computer, and unless you are logged on the computer as the administrator, you cannot be allowed to install software.
Unfortunately, the computer might not always tell you that the reason it is not allowing you to install a program which is because you don't have adequate rights to do so.
It leaves it up to you to figure this out.
Generally, if you meet the minimum system requirements for registry cleaner programs (which we will explore shortly) but are still being barred from installing the program, then chances are that lack of the requisite rights to install the program are the reason behind your woes.
The system requirements for XP registry are stated in terms of operating system, processor type, computer memory, disk space and the browser from which to download the registry cleaner.
In terms of operating system, you need at least Windows 98, Millennium edition or Windows XP to install registry repair software.
In terms of computer memory, you need at least some 32 Megabytes of Random Access Memory to install registry cleaner on a computer which must be based on a Pentium processor.
XP registry cleaner can only be downloaded with Internet explorer version 4 or later and the registry cleaner needs at least 10 megabytes of free disk space for its storage.
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