How To Stop Chronic Nail Biting

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I know you are ready to eliminate this habit...
Once and for all.
In order to make a lifelong change, you need to do some self exploration and determine "why" you choose to bite your nails.
Once you become aware, you WILL be able to change your behavior and enjoy the confidence and increased self-esteem gained from knowing that you are in control of the habit.
Ask your self...
the answer varies from person to person and for that very reason, the answer of How to stop chronic nail biting will also vary.
Luckily there are several options available to choose from.
I firmly believe, as with any habit or addiction, it is important to identify the "root cause".
It is very difficult to conquer a habit and find the appropriate solution...
Something that will work for you...
unless you know what the triggers are.
Identify when and why you resort to nail biting or chewing.
Some triggers that may lead to biting your nails include STRESS NERVOUSNESS BOREDOM MEDICAL / EMOTIONAL DISORDER OK...
so now that you are hopefully aware of what your personal triggers are, let's look at some solutions or interventions.
SELF - HELP INTERVENTIONS As I 'm sure you are aware (and probably already tried) there are several methods you can try that are based on determination or replacement.
These include 1.
chewing gum 2.
sitting on your hands 3.
Rubber bands 4.
Gloves 5.
Monetary Reward 6.
Bandages PHYSICAL INTERVENTIONS Physical Interventions would include things that you can try to eliminate the habit.
These types of treatments include 1.
Aversion therapies or taste deterrents 2.
Replacement therapy 3.
Investing in false nails 4.
bite plate or teeth guard While each of these strategies can assist you to stop chewing your nails, I have generally seen more success when it is coupled with a solution that focuses on changing your mindset.
CHANGE YOUR MINDSET - BEHAVIORAL INTERVENTIONS HABIT REVERSAL: Habit reversal may be deemed one of the most successful treatments to stop chronic nail biting.
With this technique, the person becomes aware of the behavior and then combines it with a competing response to interfere or physical intervention.
You learn to identify the triggers and "unlearn the habit".
Combining two approaches...
one physical and one emotional.
Engaging in this type of transformation process is beneficial to anyone.
The techniques you learn from the emotional basis will undoubtedly be relevant and useful with any other habits and life changes you are looking to make whether it be smoking, weight loss...
It is all about adjusting your mindset - Couple that with a physical intervention and you have a winner! HYPNOSIS: Hypnosis is effective for many people wanting to change a behavior.
It is designed to re-program your mind.
This is not necessarily considered a conventional method however it is definitely effective, if you allow it to be.
In the past, hypnosis was often "out of reach" due to cost or time commitment however that has all changed.
There are many programs you can purchase online and listen to whenever it is conveneient for you.
If you really having difficulty with learning how to stop chronic nail biting, I would definitely try one out.
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