Indiana Jones Improv

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How to play:

Before revealing the title of this improvisational scene, get several suggestions from the audience:
  • A state they would like to visit. (Example: Delaware)
  • A place they don’t like to be. (Example: Public Restrooms)
  • Something they treasured as a kid. (Example: Tricycle)
  • An animal – or more specifically, an adorable animal. (Example: Hamsters)

Then, the moderator will put the suggestions together:

Welcome to the world premier of “Delaware Jones and the Public Restroom of Doom.” In this movie, you’ll watch “Delly” search for the Lost Golden Tricycle while facing his greatest fear: Hamsters.

Then, two or three actors put the insane premise into action. One actor (male or female) can play the hero character. Feel free to adopt Indiana Jones’ mannerisms, or spoof the character by portraying the complete opposite. (Think Woody Allen instead of Harrison Ford.)

Another actor can play the side-kick character or a turbulent love-interest character. An optional third performer can portray a villain character. Or, if the person is feeling silly enough, he could be a dreaded hamster! (Or whatever species the feared critter happens to be.)

For an initial conflict, recall some of the imaginative traps from the movie series:
  • Walls slowly closing in
  • Secret doors with skeletons inside
  • Booby-trapped treasures

Try this during your next improv workshop and see if it works well for your troupe. Then, give us feedback in the Plays/Drama Forum.

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