How to Set Up a 4 Port Wireless Router

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    Installing Wireless Internet in Your Home

    • 1). Install the router to the Internet modem. Unplug the Ethernet line from the computer and plug it in to the "Internet" connection at the back of the modem. Ensure your computer is powered off during this process.

    • 2). Plug the router to the Ethernet connection in the back of the "host" computer. The slot indicated on the router will be marked as "1" in the back of the router.

    • 3). Run your power chord from the back of the router to the electric outlet. Your router software is now available to be installed to your computer.

    • 4). Turn your computer on. Windows will detect the new hardware automatically. Let the installation wizard run by clicking "Next."

    • 5). Place your installation software in the CD drive when prompted. This will install the necessary drivers and information your computer needs to run the router. Follow each step as prompted to install.

    • 6). When the software is installed, you will be able to access router preferences to configure your router for privacy. You can monitor all router activity through the preference screen.

    • 7). Ensure your other computers have a wireless card attached to connect to the network. The wireless car should automatically detect the signal. You can also "hard wire" your computer to the router as well. There will be three more open slots to do this with.

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