Small Business Advertising Ideas: Could Your Logo Get Elected?

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Name recognition is huge when it comes to customers selecting a company to do business with.
Ask any politician how important name recognition is in an election.
Perhaps sadly, it is often more important than issues.
Human nature is to go with the familiar.
It may not be warranted, but familiarity implies credibility.
Wearing logo'd apparel is the most cost effective thing you can do as a small business to get your name out there.
Imagine all of your employees, friends, family and customers all walking around town, interacting with and being seen by literally hundreds of people every day.
The biggest mistake that most businesses make when selecting promotional items such as printed t-shirts or embroidered company golf shirts is to try to go cheap.
Ask yourself: If you get a cheap scratchy shirt, how often will you wear it? Does having your logo on something cheap reflect well on your company? Usually, for only a few dollars more, you can get cool looking giveaway t-shirts or nice polo's that people will actually want to wear.
A nice fitting comfortable golf shirt will be worn by the recipient.
Do you have your logo or company name on everything you own? If not, why not? It's easier and less expensive than most people realize.
It may sound funny, but if you are wearing clothes, you really should be wearing your logo.
For a small incremental cost, you can have your logo embroidered on virtually everything you wear.
There are many ways to wear your logo tastefully and professionally.
No one wants to feel like a walking billboard.
That said, you can have a logo displayed to fit most any atmosphere.
For example, instead of a the traditional left chest, consider putting the logo on your sleeve.
Another great idea is to go tone-on-tone gives most embroidery a very classy understated look.
My small business advertising idea of the day is to wear your logo.
It's good for business.
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