Create AdWords Ads - Secrets of the 4 Lines

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I have written a great deal elsewhere about the research needed to compile a list of relevant keywords to enable you to create AdWords ads.
This article is about the second stage of getting your Pay Per Click campaign underway, creating the ads themselves.
As I'm sure you know a Google AdWords ad consists of four lines, line one is the headline, lines two and three the description and the fifth the display URL.
The headline must, if possible, be your keyword phrase or word.
Am I suggesting just one keyword per ad group? Yes I am.
Lets take an example: Waterproof Cameras, it has 18 characters including the space, which is well within Google's permitted maximum of twenty five.
You will also notice that both words are capitalized.
If your headline could be a question, I have found that adding a question mark helps in making your ad more visible.
For example Backache Problems? Don't worry too much about what Google does and does not allow they will let you know when you submit your ad.
By using your keyword phrase as your headline Google will embolden it - another plus.
But, you say, that's all very well but what if your keyword phrase is more than twenty five characters? Two possible solutions.
If your phrase is twenty five characters excluding any spaces then you could do this: ThompsonsWaterproofCamera.
May look odd but if this as the phrase the browser was looking for it should still be effective.
A more common solution is to have a default headline standing by, which in this case could be Best Waterproof Cameras.
Lines two and three are where you extol the benefits of your product or service.
Please note I said benefits not features.
The prospective buyer wants to know what's in it for them.
Not: Finest Fishing Rod Available but: Catch Fish 10% Heavier Guaranteed! Not: Best Weight Loss Program Around but: Loose 15lb In A Week Guaranteed! Always remember.
It's about what someone will gain by buying your product not the price, colour, contents or how wonderful you think it is.
When they click through to your website you will again begin by repeating the benefits but can, a little further down on the landing page, go into the features.
A final thought on descriptions.
You better make sure that, when you create AdWords ads, that they deliver.
If your customer does not find on your landing page precisely what your ad promised the chances are that he will leave disappointed and you will have paid for a wasted click.
Now for the display URL.
Surely nothing to be done here, this is simply your website address.
Here is something that very few know about.
Provided that this line consists of no more than thirty five characters in total you can put your keyword phrase on the line in front of the URL! For example, if your keyword phrase is Fish Tank, you could have FishTankwww.
The more you can hammer home your keyword phrase the better.
In an ideal situation it should be part of your website address, the name of your landing page, the AdWords ad headline and just before the website address as above.
I hope this helps you to create AdWords ads campaigns that produce more orders and cost less!
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