How To Fix Problems With Your Ride On Mower

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When it comes to maintaining and caring for a large block of land, you cannot go past a ride on mower. But, like all things with engines, ride on's are susceptible to problems that will make your lawn mowing experience difficult if not downright impossible. So, next time you think there may be something amiss with your mower, why not give fixing the problem a go yourself before deciding to call in the professionals?

Your grass is being cut raggedly or unevenly
  • Your ride on mower could be cutting too fast, so try mowing at a slower speed. You can even manually adjust the engine speed so that there is no way you can go too fast (use the instructions supplied in your owner's manual).

  • Quite often, there is a problem with your cutting blades, such as they are dull or have been damaged. Tip your mower on its side and check out the blades; if they are dull, remove them for sharpening, but if they are bent they will need to be replaced.

  • If you haven't cleaned out your mower deck in a while, you should get rid of all the dried on grass and debris that manages to find its way in there.

  • Check the v-belt, as this can affect the cutting standard of your ride on mower. If it appears worn, it will need to be replaced.
Your v-belt slips or comes off during use
  • This can be caused by an excessive amount of dried grass and debris wedged into the belt area. Check for this and clear any that you find out of the space. Then, adjust the drive belt tension, or have the belt replaced if it is overly worn or damaged.

  • You may also need to adjust and tighten the pulley fasteners. If you notice any worn parts during maintenance, you should take your mower to a professional for proper replacements.
Your ride on mower doesn't move when the clutch is engaged
  • Adjust the drive belt tension, and make sure that the mower is lubricated according to the owner's manual specifications.
Your mower vibrates when the clutch in engaged
  • If your mower deck hasn't been cleaned recently, you should check underneath it for dried grass and other debris. If you notice any that has been accumulated, clear it out.

  • Check that the blades are balanced, and replace them if needed.

  • Give the mower a thorough once over; if you find that the drive belt, pulley, or other drive belt part is damaged, you should take it to a professional for proper repairs.
If the above solutions are unable to fix the problem your ride on mower is experiencing, you will need to take it to a professional service centre for the proper repairs.
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