Which Online Business? - The 3 Questions to Answer

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So you are looking at which online business to start.
Having been in the online business world for some time, I am going to share with you what to look for and what to run from! An online business is very much like starting any other traditional business but generally without the headache of staff, inventory, rent etc.
It is becoming a more popular option as it provides work flexibility but if done well, does not take any less work than any brick and mortar business.
The Internet is a minefield with every one claiming they have the absolute best product and training and often have a similar story to tell.
So how do you decide which online business to start? Here's what to focus on:- Which Company to Work With? Chose a company where you are comfortable with the values and vision of the organization.
If the leaders of the company do not share similar values to you - you will in time become disillusioned.
Remember though never compromise on your values, it's who you are.
You will typically have a sponsor who introduces you into the business and provides ongoing support.
If you are very fortunate, like me, you will in addition to your sponsor have access to a dedicated team of business coaches.
Remember that people buy from people that they relate to and the Internet is no different.
If you do not trust someone, run a mile! The leaders of the company should be success stories themselves in the business that they lead.
My leaders have collectively over 70 years online experience.
How Much to Initially Invest? Typically how much you invest determines how much you actually earn.
Initially don't get carried away.
In some businesses people are pushed by fear into buying the highest priced option.
They are told that if you are not positioned correctly, then they could miss out on significant commission from a sale.
Now this is absolutely true and yes lost commission could be around 15k or even more, but don't panic.
If you end up being a success at running an Internet business, you can soon upgrade and ultimately 15k, will in time be less significant.
Of course there is the argument that if you don't have enough invested that you will not have the drive to see the business through.
I guess there is a happy medium somewhere in between, where you invest a certain amount to keep you committed and the returns are still good.
Being positioned mid range also means that you should still gain significant enough amounts, to re-invest in marketing your business.
How much do you want to earn? Everybody is different some people earn 5 figures per month, others struggle to earn 3 or 4 figures.
It really depends on the individual and the system.
If someone is telling you a "get quick rich story" which took very little effort, keep going and don't look back.
There is no such thing.
To make a good living online you need to work hard, especially in the first 90 days or so.
A good business has an element of residual income with a "high ticket" item to sell.
Here you gain time efficiencies and good rewards.
As opposed to selling loads of "low ticket" products, which takes just as much if not more time and the rewards are less.
There are many other items to consider but I have only taken your through the 3 critical ones.
If two businesses tick the boxes for you.
Then a deciding factor could be the level of education and support they provide.
Take a look at how this training is delivered and by whom, how often etc.
A good business will provide 24/7 access to training archives.
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