Overcoming Hair Loss Without A Wig

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A wig only covers up a problem which might not even be there.
So what, you're losing your hair? Many people have done it without losing their looks.
All it takes is confidence.
Hair loss is nothing to be ashamed of.
If your attitude is shameful, then you have something to be ashamed of.
How do you know if you are even losing your hair? I had a friend that was completely convinced they were losing their hair.
I didn't see any change on their head.
They kept on telling me that their hair was getting thinner and thinner.
I just didn't see it.
The more depressed they got about it, they sillier I thought they were.
So, before you start worrying about hair loss, make sure that there is actual hair loss happening.
You might just be being silly.
A good way to tell if you are actually losing your hair is to take photographs of your head every week.
Then, compare the pictures very quickly.
If you notice that the hair is receding or fading, then you are losing your hair.
There a couple of different things you can do when you find out that you are actually losing your hair.
First, you can enjoy the time you have left with your hair.
You can try different haircuts along the way as it all fades out.
There are plenty of great looks that you can go with.
Or, you can just shave it all off now, and get used to being bald.
Many people look great bald.
Some people look a little strange, but that's just because they haven't learned how to wear a bald head yet.
If the curvature of your head doesn't match your body that just means that you need to buy accessories.
There are many glasses and sunglasses you can buy to help fix this problem.
Some people try to overcompensate for the problem.
They go out and buy an absurdly huge wig.
They try to reach for the opposite extreme because they cannot deal with the problem.
This is a bad idea.
People know when you are wearing a wig.
They will respect you a lot more if you just show your natural self.
Now, there have been studies done that show that people with a full head of hair are more respected than bald people.
This depresses people with hair loss problems.
Well, if I could point out all the bald or balding CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, then you wouldn't worry anymore about the balding statistics.
Sure, people who are bald might make less.
Well, maybe that's because they let it affect themselves.
So, before you start sobbing out your eyes, take a moment and realize that there is life after hair.
You just need to learn to deal with balding.
After you do, there is still plenty of life worth living.
And, you won't need to spend that time hiding underneath a wig.
Maybe you'll even learn to like not having to fix your hair anymore.
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