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Investing in education will always make sense, on both an individual and a national scale. Highly skilled and educated populations are not only more economically viable, they also form more stable societies. There are obvious explanations for this. As most sociologists and criminologists would agree, the main cause of crime is poverty. When people have what they need, they are far less likely to break the law. A good education is the best doorway to a future filled with opportunity and possibility. Unfortunately, that doorway is not open to all Americans.

We all know that a college graduate will earn a million dollars more in a lifetime than someone with only a high school diploma. Institutions of higher learning have done a great job getting that number out there. But one number they don't want anyone to talk about is the number three. As in, the price of college tuition is rising three times faster than the rate of inflation! What this means for ordinary Americans is elementary.

The college graduation rate hasn't risen in 30 years! Only around 40 percent of Americans have either a 2-year or a 4-year college degree. This is after educators spent the last four decades extolling the virtues of higher education. The problem isn't that people aren't listening. It is almost entirely economic. In other words, people want to go to college, they just can't afford it.

Online College Courses

Higher education is expensive because the demand for skilled labor is greater than ever. One increasingly popular way to save money on college is to take online classes. StraighterLine.com offers nearly 40 online college courses for only 99 dollars per month and a 39 dollar registration fee for each course. This includes classes in the humanities, math, business, and the sciences. How do they keep costs so low?

Online college course are not only more convenient for students, they are also more convenient for professors. There is no need to travel or to lug around lesson plans or textbooks. This saves time, money, and energy for all participants. But are these courses bona fide college courses? Many interested students ask this very question.

The simple answer is that StaighterLine.com has a number of partner colleges, and if a student passes his courses, the credits he earns can be transferred to any institution of higher learning on the list. As online college classes continue to reach more people, their list of partner colleges should continue to grow. They have already heard from students who have had their college credits accepted at hundred of accredited universities and colleges nationwide.

As they have always done in the past, new technologies give ordinary people the opportunity to improve their lives by doing things faster and cheaper than they could before. Straighterline.com offers college courses for students who cannot afford the high cost of college tuition. It also gives busy people with full-time jobs the ability to take college classes when they want, at their own speed.

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