Finding a Pizza Point Of Sale System

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In today's economy, it is important to ensure your pizza shop is running as efficiently as possible.
Phone orders need to be taken, cooks need to receive those orders and cook the food, and drivers need to take those orders and deliver them as quickly as possible.
A good pizza point of sale system can help you achieve these goals.
No customer enjoys waiting for their driver to deliver their pizza.
Thus, systems must be in place to ensure each step of the process is running as efficiently as possible.
For order taking, a good pizza point of sale will have the ability to use your existing Caller ID from your phone company.
This will allow you to (1) verify the name and the phone number of the customer callings and (2) quickly store that information, along with their address and other delivery functions to your point of sale system.
Thus, if the customer calls again, you will be able to use your Caller ID system to quickly place their order.
Cooks need to quickly and accurately receive the order from your servers/cashiers so that they can get it out to your drivers.
Having a point of sale system with the ability to send cook's tickets is a must.
The system should also allow you to add side items and customize toppings, such as adding toppings for half and half pizzas.
When the order has finished cooking, drivers need to be able to quickly take the order with the customer's full and complete information.
Many POS systems have the ability to print box labels, with the customer's name and address.
Also, the best point of sale systems can use software like Microsoft's MapPoint to create turn by turn directions to your customer's locations.
The ability to print off a map for your drivers will greatly improve how fast they deliver your customer's orders.
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