Spongebob Games for Kindergarteners

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    SpongeBob Picture Bingo

    • Create bingo cards on your computer using images of SpongeBob characters that you have found online. Possible images include the characters doing such things as eating a crabby patty, blowing bubbles, having a party or playing basketball. Cut out one copy of each image and place them all in a cloth bag. Give each child one bingo card plus a handful of space markers. Choose an image from the cloth bag and describe it to the children. If the children see the image on their card, instruct them to cover it with a space marker. Play different games such as straight line, letter "X" and full card.

    SpongeBob Memory Game

    • Find images of every SpongeBob character and print two copies of each. Glue the images to 4-inch-by-4-inch pieces of Bristol board and laminate. To play the SpongeBob Memory Game, divide children into two teams. Lay the images face side down on the floor and have children take turns choosing two squares and turning them face side up. If a match is made, the team that made it gets one point. The team that has the most points when all of the pairs have been made wins.

    Pass SpongeBob

    • Have students sit in a circle. Choose one child to be "it" and give that child a plush SpongeBob toy to hold. Begin the game by giving the child who is "it" an instruction such as, "List five colors." As soon as you give the instruction, yell, "Pass SpongeBob!". The children begin to pass SpongeBob around the circle while the child who is "it" performs the task assigned to him or her. If the SpongeBob toy is returned to the original holder before he or she can perform the assigned task, that child is "it" again. Otherwise, the child holding the SpongeBob toy when the assigned task is completed is now "it." Prepare topic cards in advance. Suggestions for kindergartners include listing five colors, five shapes, farm animals, pets, vegetables or fruits.

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