Awareness Wristbands

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Hunger relief wristbands are orange in color. These wristbands are based on families in need, victims of natural disasters and famine. Purple wristbands campaign was started in northamptonshire to raise awareness among public about domestic violence nationwide. The stop hidden hurt campaign was launched in June, more than 15,000 purple wristbands have been sent out to countries like Canada, America and Australia as people have requested them. Even sportsperson like northampton's cobblers footballers and Northampton shire cricketers have promoted this campaign. Even police officers in areas like Thomes valley, cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Hertfordshire and greater Manchester have send thousands of purple wristbands. Increasing public awareness about hidden crime is very important so that the victims and survivors can report the incident to the police. Domestic violence can affect victims like physical, psychological and emotional abuse. This destroys the life of many victims who are male or female, young or old from any cultural background.

Wristbands became famous by lance Armstrong who fought against multiple cancers. Armstrong used to wear yellow color rubber wristband.  Today rubber wristbands come in many colors like blue, pink, yellow etc. Blue rubber wristbands are highly popular among footballers. This wristband was launched by BBC Radio one, which had words like "Beat Bullying" written on it. One more popular wristband is about support our troop's wristbands which are worn by family members of American serviceman. These come in many colors. The pink ones are for breast cancer awareness. These wristbands are mostly made of either silicon or rubber. There are also paper and leather wristbands and ornamental bracelets. Purple wristbands are used by lupus foundation of America for a lupus camp. Their slogan being someone you know has lupus.

Blue bracelets are created to raise awareness of austism spectrum disorders. Their slogan is think autism, think cure. Blue wristbands are used by the cystic fibrosis foundation so that they can raise funds for cystic fibrosis. Red rubber wristbands are used for a campaign to educate the public about the dangers of tobacco.   Red, white and blue U.S.A. wristbands are sold so that they can support those who have lost a loved one in the armed forces. Certain other bracelets like "I Will" is sold in blue and pink color for cancer, green for muscular dystrophy and orange for multiple sclerosis.  There are also a variety of bracelets being sold to benefit tsunami relief efforts.
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