NLP presentation skills coaching can make a huge difference

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It is a sad fact that sometimes the people who have the most and the best things to say cannot get their message across due to various reasons. Even if all the resources are available it is sometimes just a simple matter of not having the correct presentation skills to make you an effective communicator. This is where NLP presentation skills coaching enter the picture as the right NLP presentation skills course can make a huge difference to the outcome.

More and more people are using techniques such as NLP and hypnosis to get over their lack of confidence and fear of presenting. With what we know about the human mind nowadays, there really is no reason at all why anybody should have a phobia about speaking in front of others. Most people have at least a vague idea about what hypnosis entails, but what about NLP?

NLP presentation skills courses and NLP presentation skills training can help to provide that extra boost you need in being able to get your message across effectively and learn things such as;

Benefits of presenting with NLP
  • Learn by modelling excellence and start to take on the best aspects from great presenters
  • Know how to avoid Death by PowerPoint and create effective visual aids
  • Have practised presenting and received feedback on your style and content
  • Enhance the quality of your presentations using powerful NLP techniques
  • Take away an easy-to-use preparation checklist
  • Manage the audience's attention span
  • Make presentations engaging and memorable
  • Leave with increased confidence to present with impact

What you will learn                 
  • Modelling excellent presenters
  • Body language and voice
  • Well-formed outcomes and ten steps of preparation
  • Managing audience attention span
  • Taking control of your emotional state
  • Getting your key messages across
  • Presenting with passion and conviction

Neuro Linguistic Programming (a bit of a mouthful, which is why it is universally referred to as 'NLP') has been around since the 1970s, when several psychologists began to study the behaviour and thinking styles of particularly successful people in order to identify what exactly it was that they did differently from the rest of us. It's amazing how many people, when presenting their ideas, think that it is enough to;
  • Deliver the information or
  • Have a good PowerPoint show or
  • Have thoroughly researched and organised their information.

This seems to be true for people at all levels within organisations, from senior management to frontline staff. They stand in front of the group, open their mouths and begin to lose credibility and sabotage their message by their behaviour.

An NLP presentation skills training course will show to avoid things such as;
  • No real eye contact with the audience
  • Reading from our notes
  • Back to the audience while we read aloud our own PowerPoint slides
  • Fidgeting with a pen, marker or slide pointer
  • Looking distractedly around the room
  • Boring people with a monotone delivery
  • Making rapid distracting gestures
  • Shuffling our feet uncomfortably

As you can see NLP presentation skills training courses can really help a person to make an impact and impress people.
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