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Right after finding out what search engine optimization means, the next question a website owner might be faced with is what are backlinks? These are links on other websites that point back to your website. Search engines use them to judge a sites credibility. Backlinks are like a website voting or vouching for your site to the search engines. Google places a great deal of emphasis on these as a measure of trust and authority.

Each link will have your keyword as its anchor text this is what helps you rank well in the search engines for that particular keyword. So for example if you wanted to rank well for mens shoes then your anchor text would be mens shoes the keyword has to be an exact match to your search keyword.
The quality and the quantity of the backlinks you have is the major factor that determines your search engine positions. Your linking campaign needs to be consistent and your they need to come from varied sources.

One other thing to consider is do follow or no follow backlinks. Some sites put a piece of code called a no follow tag in with their links so that it doesnt give your site the credit for the link. Some people only use sites that have the do follow tag in with their code ensuring that they get the best links for your site but more recently a lot more people are using no follow links as well because this looks more natural to the search engines.
What Are Backlinks Going to Do For the Website?

Backlinks will help your site rank well in the search results and generate more traffic resulting in an increased chance of sales or service usages. Therefore, building links is definitely crucial for an online business to succeed and prosper.

Some methods include:

Article Submissions You write an article about the keyword you want to rank well for and then submit it to the best article directories. The article will include a backlink with your keyword pointing back to your site.

Blog posts/Blog Comments- You post or comment on various Blogs that allow us to put your backlink in the post or text.

Directory Submissions- You submit your site to the best online directories. The directory submission would include a description of your website and include a backlink back to your website.

Forum Posts- You make post and comment on various forums and include your anchor text in either the comment or the users signature area.
Social Bookmarks- You submit your site to the top social bookmarking sites.

Site Wide Links- a good way of building up large numbers of links is to have your backlink on every page of an established website that has hundreds or even thousands of pages indexed in the search engines. If your backlink is site wide on a website that has 1000 pages then in theory you could gain 1000 backlinks for your site.

So start you backlink campaign today and it wont be long before you start to experience the benefits from it.
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