How to Rule the SERP?

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Every online marketer strives for getting placed high on Search Engine Result Page (SERP).
Many resorts on unethical means to get higher visibility and ranking, while some practice ethical SEO methods, get placed higher on SERP.
What is the motive behind creating a website and optimizing it by Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods? Obviously, to reach potential customers and increase business sales and output! A website design and content is of no value, unless viewed and appreciated by visitors/readers.
Therefore, website ranking is important for every business, irrespective of their size.
If you want to increase your site's visibility target low competition keyword by the means of your content.
It is not at all difficult to get higher search engine ranking, but you need to follow right and ethical tricks.
Here are a few ideas and techniques for getting placed high on SERP.
Techniques for higher search engine ranking: 1.
Developing SEO friendly website - A search engine friendly website is one which is loaded with unique content where the keywords are placed correctly that enhances the flow of content.
Search engines do not recognize images and graphics, so avoid using those for getting ranked on Google.
Optimize your audience keeping in view your target audience.
Google values unique and informative content, focus on quality rather than quantity! 2.
Link Earning - Link popularity building helps your website to get higher visibility and volume traffic.
Traditionally, concentration was more on getting backlinks, then no matter from which source it was.
After the series of Google updates, it warned SEOs of low-quality link building techniques.
It laid down a few points, stating websites getting backlinks from relevant and most popular sites will be given priority on search results.
Keyword stuffing in articles, keyword rich anchor text, and exact match domain created for the purpose of getting traffic and backlinks will be penalized by Google.
Comprehensive keyword research - Keyword is the crucial part of doing SEO.
Right keyword increases your chances of ranking high on Google.
You should know what is in trend or what your customers are searching for.
Targeting a wrong keyword may result in wastage of your SEO efforts.
Also, it is important to target keyword with low competition.
A high competition keyword may take long to derive positive output.
The lower the ratio, the higher are the chances to get higher ranking.
In order to get higher visibility and ranking, you need to have an SEO -powered website.
It strengthens your online presence and increases your chances to be placed on top of the SERP.
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