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Traveling now-a-days is very common especially when we talk about corporate sector. The impetus behind such corporate traveling is the expansion of business and network being expanded on daily basis. Usually top management and middle level managers travel within the country and at times outside the country. Businesses that are very dynamic and that have a huge network require frequent traveling of employees in order to carry out different projects in other cities.
The increasing trend in traveling has given birth to corporate houses. It is a furnished bungalow or apartments that can be rented and used by the employees coming from different destinations. They offer some considerable benefits to the people staying in:
€ These corporate houses are cheaper as compared to hotels, the rents are half of the hotels and this is the reason why they are popular
€ A hotel offer a room or a suite whilst a corporate house has furnished apartments, big rooms, halls and lounge which are quite lavish and are comfortable at the same time
€ They are ideal for a longer period of stay, since they are built in such a manner that the tenants feel as if they are staying at their homes. These furnished apartments have all luxuries and necessities for life and could serve all along the way during your stay
€ They are located in the central and main areas of the city, thus It provides easy access to markets, shops, and other commercial places
€ Crockery, utensils, closets, Wi-Fi, Towels, Soaps etc are being provided to people staying in the house
€ The main purpose of such houses is to make the tenants feel that they are not staying out of home but it gives a very comfortable home-like feeling
€ The rooms, washroom and halls are cleaner with prompt cleaning services
€ Usually a recreational hall is present in there where the tenant can go and take their stress off and render some time to extracurricular activities
€ Meeting and conferences can be held in the halls, it enables the employees staying in the house to be at their place and get their work done
Corporate houses have indeed made the lives of employees easier with easy and convenient living. They can spend a quality time working out of home and city which could be an arduous task in other cases; but they have served to those set of customers who frequently go out of town for such corporate work. So living out for some office work for a longer span of time is not at all a problem now.
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