1 Factor That Puts You in the Top 3% of Network Marketers (and a Blueprint to Follow to Get There)

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Network marketing has this horrible reputation of being synonymous with "pyramid scheme.
" That's unfortunate because there are clear reasons why so many people fail and why only so many people make it and experience success with an MLM.
You can have all the desire and heart you want to, you can be as motivated as anyone, but in the end there's one thing that puts one person above another in MLM: You need to know how to market on the internet! True story.
It's just like attraction marketing and the concepts behind that: you can "will" success to you as much as you want, but until you actually go out there and take action, nothing will happen.
Same thing with network marketing.
You need to learn how to market online.
And here's the best thing to do: Start easy and start with 1 specific method.
When you start seeing results with it, then you you know it's working and you'll want to do it even more.
But you can only move on to something else after you master the first one, or create a system that you can plug someone into (as in outsource) to do it for you.
This way, you can move on to something else, but you're not losing the income generated by the method you just worked so hard to master and make work.
The key thing though is that you need to put the time into the method in the beginning to make sure it's going to work and produce results.
Fortunately, article marketing is free to do so it's a great place to start with internet marketing.
You're reading this article through ezinearticles, which is free to submit to, so the only cost of article marketing is your time.
And the other cool thing is that article marketing is something that can easily be outsourced inexpensively, so you can test to see if it works and create a system to keep it going.
Then move on to something else to make your business even more profitable.
After you've worked up some income with article marketing, you can then move into other areas of marketing, such as PPC advertising.
All food for thought, but the important thing is to take action and do SOMETHING.
Even if it's only 1 article per day, just at least do that 1 article.
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