Purchasing Considerations for Magnesium Oxide

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Because many of the details in their production process is not known, so at the time of purchasing magnesium oxide, the product may be not suitable for use.
First of all, for the tire industry, the content of magnesium oxide needs between 90-95. Loss on ignitionï¼oe0.5, Water solublesï¼oe0.5, bulk density(g/ml) is also a important index. In the conveyor industry, we need to focus on the content and indicators of magnesium oxide. General the active content between 40-60 is well. Calcium can be controlled within 1.5. This is according to most of manufacturers, not suitable for everyone. We need concrete analysis of concrete conditions, or you can inquire directly our online customer service.

In the cable industry, the content of calcium not too much, otherwise the rubber sheath of electric cables will become brittle and appear leakage current and other dangerous situations, then influence the service life of products. The content of water solubles can not to much, or blisters will appear on the cable epidermis. If the content of screenings is too much, there will appear trachoma, leakage current and other situation. Generally light magnesium oxide should be used, but the active content between 40-60 is well. In the adhesive industry, pay attention to the iron content, iron content is too easy to change color. Calcium content not to expect too much, screenings and calcium content is too high to appear stratification phenomenon. The content of active between 120-150 is well.

High-purity magnesia is a sintered magnesium oxide that the content of magnesium oxide equal to or greater than 99% and volume density greater than 3.43.4g/cm3. Molecular formula MgO, relative molecular mass 40.30, and it is odorless, tasteless, nontoxic. Bulk density is about 3.4g/cm3. The color is white, light yellow or colorless. Melting point at 2800 degrees Celsius. High purity magnesia poorly soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol, soluble in acid or ammonium salt solution, slow absorption of carbon dioxide in the air and water, forming alkali magnesium carbonate.

Uses: Because of high purity magnesia with good flexural strength at high temperatures, slag resistance and corrosion resistance, and can improve the service life of furnace lining, so it is widely used in steel furnace lining refractories. It is high quality material of manufacturing refractory brick, not stereotypes refractories. It can also be used as filling material, used to make thermocouples and thermal insulation materials. High-purity magnesia can also be used for ceramic raw materials and additives, as well as metallurgy, building materials, chemical, defense, medical device, and so on.

There are a lot of industries not covered, if you want to know more clearly, the best choice is to visit our factory personally. We sincerely look forward to your visit !
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