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The Top Apps You Want and Need for Mac OS X

Tom's Mac Software Picks 2013 lists my weekly selections for the best Mac application recently released or updated. Winning apps can come from any software category as long as the app runs natively on the Mac, is well designed, and offers exceptional value.

How to Reset an iPhone After the Ring of Death

If your iPhone crashes, you can reset it and restore the phone using the Apple iTunes application. iTunes lets you back up, restore and update the Apple iPhone software. If you do not have a backup of the phone's information, iTunes restores it to the latest backup, which resets the phone to its ori

How to Disable iPhone Text Alert

As text messaging, or SMS, becomes increasingly popular, many phone users utilize the service on a daily basis. iPhone owners can send picture and video messages, making the program even more useful. By default, the iPhone sends a sound alert each time a new message is sent or received, but users ca

How to Put Ring Tones on an iPhone Without Syncing

If you like customizing your iPhone, you may want to add a new ring tone. Many ring tones are available for purchase from the iTunes Store, but you can also create your own using music that you already have. You don't even need to sync your iPhone with your computer to acquire ring tones; you can do

How to Switch Home Computers for an iPhone

Your home computer typically is the primary hard drive that you use to synchronize your iPhone, and can only synchronize to one hard drive at a time, according to Apple. When moving your iPhone to a new computer, you must restore the iPhone on the new computer, which resets the device's configuratio

How to Discover Bluetooth With iPhone

iPhones are compatible with any Bluetooth device. You can pair a Bluetooth headset with the iPhone or the iPhone with a computer to talk wirelessly or transfer data. As long as the device you want to pair the iPhone with is in discovery, or pairing mode, you can connect the two. Then they will autom

How to Add Apps to iPhone 2.2.1

Third-party applications were introduced in 2007 to the iPhone as part of the App Store, which allows users to search the store's categories and purchase applications directly to their phones. According to Apple, a software update was needed in order to take advantage of the new features and was ava

How to Install iBoy

The iBoy application is a Game Boy emulator that is compatible with the iPod operating system and allows players to download and play emulator games on their iPod devices. Although the iBoy application comes pre-loaded with 13 free iPod games, users can download more full version emulator files and

How to Connect an iPhone to Bluetooth PAN

A Personal Area Network, or PAN, is simply an ad hoc wireless network of Bluetooth-enabled devices. It is ad hoc because such devices do not connect through a router or central hub of any sort. Rather, they connect directly to each other. You might set up a Bluetooth PAN between iPhones for gaming p

How to Set Up My Outlook Email on an iPhone if I Can Not Connect Using SSL

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a system for applying encryption to your email messages. You can activate or deactivate SSL when setting up an email account on your iPhone. If you encounter problems when applying SSL encryption to your iPhone's email settings, you can synchronize the device with Outloo

How to Disable Edge & 3G on an iPhone

The Edge and 3G cellular networks allow iPhone users to make and receive phone calls and browse the Internet when not connected to a wireless network. You can access your iPhone's cellular network settings through the General menu. Although it loads the Internet faster, 3G may also drain your iPhone

How to Shake to Shuffle Iphone Music

With the latest iphone software upgrade you are now able to shake the iphone to shuffle to another song in your play list. With the shake to shuffle turned on anytime you shake your phone it will immediately change it to another song. This is great for people that like to listen to their music but d

How to Check If an iPhone Has Been Jailbroken

Limitations on application availability and system modifications have caused developers and hackers to find ways to modify the iPhone operating system (iOS) in order to allow full control over iOS. This process of opening iOS to full customization is called "jailbreaking." Once an iPhone is jailbrok

The Top iPad Apps of 2014

Perhaps the biggest app release of 2014 was Microsoft putting their Office suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) on the iPad, but there were a number of other great apps released in 2014 as well.

Different Generations of Ipods

Apple has released different models of its iPod device to satisfy the needs of its customers. In addition to different models, each iPod line is also further classified by generation. Each generation of iPod adds new features or fixes consumer complaints, such as a creating a more sensitive touchscr

How to Place Songs From Another's iTunes Onto Your iPod

You can place any songs that are saved in iTunes onto an iPod that you own. This does not apply just to the version of iTunes that is running on your computer. You can sync your iPod with any computer that has the iTunes program installed on it. This can come in handy if there are multiple computers

How to Sync a Playlist From an iPod to iTunes

The Apple iPod has become one of those little devices that insinuates itself into numerous areas of everyday life. It can adopt the role of the car stereo, provide entertainment at the gym and even become a best friend during a long bus, train or plane ride. However, it has its glitches. For one thi

The Top iPad Games That Won't Cost You A Dime

These great iPad games include something for everyone whether you love word games, puzzles, action games or simply miss the days of playing Pictionary with your friends.

Talk Like a Pirate Day: Pirate-Themed Clip Art & Fonts

Don't just talk like a pirate, throw a party like a pirate! When it comes to figuring out the appropriate menu, you're on your own, but these pirate-themed images and fonts can help you create lighthearted or darkly humorous invitations, as well as party favors, place settings, and decorat